Confettura Artigianale di Peperoncino Piccante vaso vetro 200 gr. - Pasticceria -

    Hot Chilli Jam

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    A well toasted bruschetta, some pungent spreadable cheese spread on its surface; a board of dairy products and tasty cold cuts; a buffet, with lots of single-portion frittatas. In all these delicacies there is only one ingredient missing, an element that would definitely give an extra gear: Calabrian hot pepper jam. its taste is unique, balanced and spicy enough.

    212 ml jar.

    Ingredients: Sugar, hot chilli peppers

    suggestion: goat's milk tomini with slightly spicy chilli jam If you love to taste cheeses with good genuine and colourful sauces as a valid alternative to honey or other products already used for a long time, try this very simple recipe made with tomini with chilli jam. buy some goat's milk tomini which are not overly mature,divide the cheese into wedges and lay it on a tray. if you prefer to give a scenic touch to the serving dish you can cover the tray with some large-leafed salad such as red radicchio and on this lay each piece of tomino. on all the pieces of tomino a teaspoon arrange three small drops of chilli jam and serve at the table immediately. The combination of the delicate spiciness and lightness of the tomino with goat's milk will leave your guests amazed at the sensations on the palate. With this dish, I suggest a good still white wine, perhaps a slightly chilled Etna.

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