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Spicy Caviar - Calabrese

Spicy Caviar - Calabrese

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Among the many typical Calabrian products we could not forget the spicy Rosamarina, also known as the Calabrian spicy caviar. As for the nduja made from pork, here the secular tradition is that the fry of the catch are salted and preserved in oil and plenty of chilli. left to mature for a few months in jars, opening the same you realize you are dealing with a unique fish product in the world: the Rosamarina precisely. The right preservation of marine biodiversity and the protection of the sea today means that this fish is no longer available, the processors in small laboratories often family-run, to continue the tradition are using Giaccio fish from the seas of the north equally treated. The result is equally delicious. Rosamarina has a thousand uses: from flavouring sauces in the kitchen, to being eaten on hot bruschetta as an appetizer and also to accompany fresh cheeses. Do not expect it to be slightly spicy, tutt 'altro ...

100 gr jar.

ingredients: ice fish, red chilli pepper, oil, salt.

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