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Calabrian Susumelle with Bergamot

Calabrian Susumelle with Bergamot

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A traditional sweet from Calabria, Susumelle are sweet dough cookies, typically shaped like oval loaves of about 10 centimeters. They can also be covered with cocoa, lemon or bergamot icing. The history of susumelle is very old and in some ways mysterious, even the name is the subject of debate: according to some it may derive from the words sesamun and mel, ie sesame and honey, and then descend from the sweets that in 'Ancient Greece were prepared in honor of the goddesses Demeter and Core. This is the simplest hypothesis, but susumelle do not contain sesame. Traditionally they are produced at Christmas time, but because of their particular taste they are now found all year round.

Ingredients: Flour 00, sugar, almonds, honey, ammonia, candied fruit, cinnamon, cloves, natural flavors including bergamot of reggio calabria, white or black chocolate.

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