Artisan Speck from Calabria

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    The Calabrian speck is born in the Grecanica area in high Aspromonte at over 1200 m above sea level, from the revisitation of an ancient recipe of Greek tradition, enriched through the use of aromas typical of our land, especially fennel, rosemary and bay leaves and other wild herbs of Aspromonte undergrowth. The long and slow seasoning enhances the particular taste of the leg of pork traditionally reared in the wild and fed without the use of products derived from 'chemical industry. The taste of speck of Calabria is made for all this, sweet, fragrant with a pleasantly flavored fat. The meeting between ancient and modern releases in the mouth scents and perceptions that bring back to the world of the land, the farmers who over the centuries have refined superfine technique while maintaining the 'craftsmanship of traditional processing. The seasoning is not less than 16 months, the speck worked is hung in fresh and well ventilated structures. the product is given a slow smoking process through the combustion of olive branches, officinal herbs, aromatic herbs or vine stalks. no preservatives are added. a whole speck weighs about 6 kg, in the drop-down menu you can choose the amount of product you want to buy in slices from 250 g up to the whole thigh. the product is shipped under vacuum, I recommend before eating it to remove it from the vacuum at least 24 hours before.

    Ingredients: Pork, salt, natural flavours and spices.

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