Calabrian Curved Sausage

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    Did you know that the curved sausage produced in Calabria is the most imitated salami in the world? Well yes, the curved shape, the consistent mixture and the scent of ground chilli pepper make the sausage the top product of the typical regional salami. Its original recipe is kept and handed down from generation to generation for centuries and preserves the flavor of the regional tradition of Calabria, the spices of Calabria and the territory where it is produced. Obtained from lean meat of pork often bred in the same processing company, along with the shoulder and bacon, is flavored with hot peppers strictly Calabrian, sweet or spicy with the 'addition in the' mixture of sweet or spicy red pepper cream depending on the final product you want. The classic sweet or spicy Calabrian sausage is shaped like a horseshoe and is gluten-free certified. the single piece weighs about 350 grams. the product is delivered under vacuum. storage time according to the law of 12 months. from the drop-down menu you can choose the quantities that interest you and you can also choose to have it at home moderately spicy or sweet.

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