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Wild Rosemary

Wild Rosemary

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Wild rosemary compensates for the tenuous scent of its leaves with greater growth, up to three metres in height, and with a more abundant and dense flowering. A rustic and hardy plant, it grows in any soil, preferring calcareous soil, from sea level up to eight hundred metres above sea level. In Calabria is used for thousands of years in gastronomy, beekeeping, pharmacopoeia and cosmetics. collected and dried in the dark retains all its organoleptic characteristics. is delivered in a transparent bag with the whole sprig of wood.

weight about 100 g.

suggestion:Sausage bites with rosemary are a tasty starter based on sausage slices sautéed in a pan and flavoured with garlic and rosemary. They are excellent served as an appetizer or aperitif, or at a buffet along with red or white wine or sweet and sour cocktails. They are excellent hot, just served. They can also be flavoured with wild fennel seeds instead of rosemary. The preparation is the same, but remember to crush the seeds before using them so that they will release all their aroma.Slice the sausage into 1 centimetre discs.Wash the rosemary, blot it with kitchen paper, select the leaves and chop them finely with a crescent moon on a chopping board.Put a little oil and the crushed and peeled garlic in a small frying pan. Brown the garlic on a medium flame, then add the sausage pieces, the rosemary and a grind of pepper. Brown the sausage well, then add the wine, and let it evaporate over a high flame. The sausage cooked in this way will throw out a lot of fat. To make the preparation lighter you can tilt the pan to one side and pick it up with a spoon and throw it away.
When the cooking juices have dried the sausage will start to brown. Do not overdo it to avoid it becoming dry.
Collect the sausage in small serving dishes, add a toothpick or a fork and serve piping hot.

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