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Ramacchino Brillo with Nero di Avola wine

Ramacchino Brillo with Nero di Avola wine

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Ramacchino (takes its name from the country of production: Ramacca) is produced with Sicilian cow's milk controlled and certified production within the farm itself. The Ramacchino is a semi-hard cheese with semi-hard dough with which eyes. The characteristic crust is d color Nero di Avola formed and tends to harden during aging. Compact paste, delicate flavor, tending to spicy when more seasoned and with the 'aroma of black wine that does not overpower the taste of cheese but accompanies it gently. Product without preservatives.

The whole form weighs about 4 kg, you can also choose slices vacuum-portioned from the 'special drop-down menu that follows. we suggest that before consuming the product to open it from vacuum and leave it all' air 15 minutes so that the cheese of pure sheep's milk can in contact with the 'air oxygenate and transmit the full organoleptic characteristics combined with the pleasant aroma given by the passage of aging in the marc of black grapes' Avola Sicilian. Ideal for regional boards, tasty appetizers or to be combined with jams and mustards with a strong and decisive taste such as fruit mustard.

ingredients: cow's milk, natural rennet, salt, nero d' avola wine.

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