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    Indomie noodles Mi Goreng

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    The most famous instant noodles in Indonesia (and many West African nations). They can be prepared as a soup by adding the contents of the packet of seasoning powder and the chilli (to taste) in a bowl along with the noodles previously cooked for about 3 minutes in 400 ml of boiling water, with the same water in a quantity to taste; or you can drain the noodles and add them to the seasoning in a bowl or soup plate. The noodles can also be cooked in the microwave in 400 ml of water in a microwaveable dish for about 5 minutes at 850 W.

    The Mi Goreng flavour reproduces the typical Indonesian dish of the same name based on stir-fried noodles.

    Made in Indonesia.

    Noodles: wheat flour (67%), refined palm oil, (contains antioxidant E319), salt, acidity regulator (E451, E601, E500), thickener(E412), colouring agent(E101); CONDITION: sugar,salt, flavour enhancer(E621,E627,E631), garlic flavouring, yeast extract, artificial flavouring chicken flavour(4.5%), anti-caking agent(E551), onion powder; CONDENSING OIL:refined palm oil (contains antioxidants E319), onion. SWEET SOY SAUCE: sugar, water, salt, wheat, soybeans, spices, sesame oil. ALLERGEN ALERT: CONTAINS WHEAT, SOY, SULPHITE, SESAME, EGGS.

    Package of 80g.

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