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Cooked Must - Organic

Cooked Must - Organic

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Strong description of a long popular tradition. the Mosto Cotto Donna Teresa, born from the desire to crystallize in time the flavor and fragrance of one of the many traditions that are likely to disappear from our tables. In Bivongi, Calabria, on the Ionian coast south of Reggio Calabria, the cooked must is known as the basis for the preparation of Christmas cakes. In the past, tradition says that its use allowed less wealthy families to bring something sweet to their table even when sugar was an almost inaccessible product. Cooked must gives life to the most famous sweets of the Grecanica area of Calabria, such as the pitte di San Martino and mostaccioli. Not only that, it is a very versatile product and today finds many solutions in the kitchen in fact, with a little imagination, is used to flavor meat and baked fish as well as seasoning for risotto with vegetables. The glaze is perfect to accompany a cheese board next to honey and mustard. It goes well on fruit, cake and ice cream. Try mixing fresh ricotta cheese with cooked must... a wonder! It is prepared by bringing the must from black grapes to a boil before the fermentation process begins. An organic product, it is gluten-free and contains no sulfites. Agronomic appearance.

Bottle size: 0.25 l

Color Dark brown, Smell Caramel, Taste Overripe red fruit. Food pairing: Dry desserts, hard cheeses, fruit salads, ice cream.

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