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La Mattonella della Lessinia cheese

La Mattonella della Lessinia cheese

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Mattonella della Lessinia is a rare raw cow's milk cheese, made with milk from cows grazing freely in the Lessinia National Park in Veneto. This wonderful cheese is rectangular in shape, very tasty even raw alone, it is exalted if heated until it spins. Ideal to be eaten hot plate but also in chopping board accompanied by some delicate jam, honey, mustard veronese. a really rare cheese to find produced exclusively on the foothills of Verona, which expresses the 'ancient tradition of high altitude huts and that has been awarded the mark slowfood just for the tradition and craftsmanship of a time that still carries with it. the product is not always available because of the now almost rare and restricted local production, check stock availability before booking. the whole form is about 1.5 kg but from the 'drop-down menu you can choose to taste the brick of Lessinia also in slices we think less.

ingredients: raw cow's milk, natural rennet, salt.

suggestion: the mattonella della Lessinia is not only included in the appetizers to be eaten fresh with cold cuts, but is also used for the preparation of many dishes. The easiest and fastest way to prepare it is grilled. This second course is ideal for all those who do not have too much time to spend behind the stove but do not want to give up the taste. The grilled brick is generally accompanied by other ingredients such as jams or potatoes.the version that we want to propose today is the one with porcini mushrooms. Here's how to prepare this tasty dish! In a pan pour a little extra virgin olive oil and brown a clove of garlic. When the garlic is golden brown, add the mushrooms and let them cook for about ten minutes. A few minutes from the end of cooking the mushrooms, add a pinch of salt, black pepper and finely chopped parsley. Turn everything for a few seconds and your mushrooms are ready. Now prepare the Lessinia brick by placing it on a hot grill. Roast the slices on both sides, until a golden crust has formed. Then place the mattonella on a plate or a tray and season it by pouring over each slice the porcini mushrooms previously prepared. In no time your dish is ready to be served and enjoyed!

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