Strait of Messina Grappa

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    Grappa dello Stretto is a specialty that encapsulates the history of Calabria, a region once known as Enotria, the land of wine. The selection of raw materials, the slow distillation in discontinuous alembic still and all stages of processing, are the subject of scrupulous care by the winery. Its refined bouquet, its strong and generous taste has all the qualities to satisfy even the most demanding connoisseurs.

    Grapes: Prunesta, Malvasia Nera, Nerello Calabrese, Gaglioppo
    Production process: Traditional, steam, vacuum, with double grinding
    Soil vineyards: Medium dough, steps on the narrow
    Alcohol: 40% Vol.
    Serving temperature: Room temperature
    Bottle: Bordeaux 75 cl.

    Suggestions: with its transparent and crystalline appearance, it is perfect for after meals, it should be served at room temperature; also interesting used as an ingredient in many cocktails. Combining grappa and 90 % pure Modica chocolate is a pleasure that is renewed with every sip. Few combinations can be so pleasant and delicious at the same time. And even fewer are those that, while complementing each other, know how to prepare the taste buds for a new tasting. The alcohol of grappa - soft, ethereal and pleasantly lashing - is able to cleanse the mouth after every taste of chocolate, which by nature envelops the mouth in its melting, mellow embrace.

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