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Pecorino Siciliano first salt

Pecorino Siciliano first salt

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First salt pecorino cheese. The taste is intense, with a good flavour because, after the manual pressing in baskets, it is placed in brine for 5 days and then matured for at least another 10-15 days. Moreover, thanks to the ease with which it melts, it is also used for the preparation of first courses such as baked pasta, for the garnishing of pizzas, and for the preparation of the traditional Scacciate Catanesi. The milk used comes exclusively from Sicilian farms. Produced without preservatives.

The whole cheese weighs about 3 kg, you can also choose slices vacuum-portioned from the drop-down menu that follows. Before consuming the product, we suggest you open it from the vacuum and leave it in the air for 15 minutes so that the pure sheep's milk cheese can oxygenate in contact with the air and fully transmit its organoleptic characteristics. Ideal for garnishing typical regional chopping boards, accompanied by acacia honey, fruit mostarda or onion marmalade to make the dish unique in taste and presentation.

Ingredients: Sheep's milk, pasteurized milk, salt, rennet, milk enzymes.

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