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Monte Baldo First Flower

Monte Baldo First Flower

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Produced with raw cow's milk from Burlina cattle free to graze in the pastures from an altitude of 1400 metres up to the mountain pastures over two thousand metres above sea level. It is a semi-fat straw yellow cheese with regularly distributed holes. Monte Baldo Primo Fiore is matured for more than two years and is a hard cheese, made as in the past, with a medium to high intensity of flavour. The long maturing process preserves all the aromatic properties of the pastures. The whole cheeses weigh about 6 kg.

Maturing about 24 months.

ingredients : cow's milk, natural rennet, salt.

suggestion: pizza with seasoned Monte Baldo cheese flakes and cherry tomatoes.
to prepare to amaze your guests and make an evening with friends fun and tasty. Mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and flakes of monte baldo cheese. roll out the piece of psta pizza in the shape you prefer, spread the mozzarella on the pizza, put the tomatoes cut into small pieces, the basil and the flakes of cheese. informatela and when cooked out of the oven a drizzle of olive oil .

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