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Branzi Stravecchio

Branzi Stravecchio

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Surely you already know the famous Branzi cheese, now widely spread among the oldest and most typical of Orobie. What you might not know yet, is that there is a particular version of this cheese, called Branzi "Stravecchio": if you are a lover of tasty cheeses, this article is for you!

Branzi takes its name from the village of the same name in the Upper Brembana Valley where the traditional production was born and where whole cow's milk is still processed at the premises of the Latteria Sociale di Branzi Casearia. By the way, just remember that Branzi is included in the list of traditional food products of the Lombardy Region!

And now, let's discover some more curiosities about this extraordinary product:

➡️ In 1953 Giacomo Midali, dairyman of Branzi, pursued the goal of producing a high quality cheese all year round, guaranteed by the use of traditional techniques used in the mountain pastures and by the milk produced in the valley. With this aim, he founded the Cooperative Dairy, to which many small producers adhered, and from whose chillers came out the first wheels of that particular cheese that the members called Branzi.
Sixty-six years have passed since that moment, but its typicality, linked to the quality of forage and pastures, has remained unchanged over time, thanks to a production process faithful to the original, and a supply chain that has been able to maintain traditions and the quality of the finished product.

➡️ What is the difference between the classic version and the "stravecchio"?
Well, as you can guess from the name, the main difference is given by the seasoning time: in the case of the classic Branzi it is limited to 2-6 months for the classic variety, while for the "Stravecchio" seasoning can reach even more than a year.
Prolonged ripening can give the latter much more marked characteristics, and, in particular, much more intense, complex and characteristic flavours and aromas.

➡ ️ This is a cheese produced with mountain milk from the Bergamo Valleys, and belongs to the category of semi-cooked cheeses. It has a cylindrical shape, with a diameter of about 36/42 cm and weighs between 8 and 11 kg, while the height of the heel is about 9 cm.
The cheese is slightly firm, straw-yellow in colour, with widespread eye formation. The taste is decidedly savory, and this characteristic makes it particularly suitable in dishes with polenta or as an appetizer cut into cubes.

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