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Truffle Cow's Cheese

Truffle Cow's Cheese

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It is a cow's milk cheese with half-cooked paste produced exclusively with mountain milk coming from the farms of Val Cavallina, Alto Sebino and Valle Seriana. Its rind, straw yellow, has numerous dark streaks due to the pieces of Italian black truffle mixed in the paste. This particular cheese, in addition to direct consumption, is particularly suitable to be grated over pasta and rice to which it gives a pleasant and marked scent of Italian black truffle. The shape is cylindrical, with a diameter of about 30 cm and a weight that varies from 4 to 5 kg.

INGREDIENTS: Milk, salt, rennet, truffle 1-2%.

Maturing about 90 days.

Moisture(Tq): 41,65% Ash: 5,28%
Fat(S.S.): 51,48% Kcal: 370,00
Protein(S.S.): 40,19% Kj: 1540,00

Servingsuggestion: Whole wheat maltagliati pasta with truffle cheese

220 g whole-wheat flour
90 ml water
30 ml EVO oil
150 g truffle cheese
Olive oil

Mix the flour with the salt and oil, and knead by adding enough warm water to obtain a firm, smooth dough. Knead it for a few minutes, and let it rest in the fridge for half an hour, wrapped in cling film. Flatten it with a rolling pin and cut it into lozenges with a small toothed wheel. If they are not perfectly equal, better! In fact, you should obtain some maltagliati. Drop them into boiling salted water and cook for about 5 minutes.

In the meantime, prepare the cheese by removing the rind and cutting it into strips. Drain the maltagliati, dress them quickly with a dash of EVO oil, pat them down and distribute the cheese strips over the pasta.

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