Bergamot Cream

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    The Bergamot Liqueur Cream of Reggio Calabria is a fragrant liqueur with a fresh and pleasant flavour. The Bergamot, a citrus fruit which finds its natural habitat only in Reggio Calabria, is delicate, fruity and intense to the taste and offers countless uses in the kitchen. The Bergamot Liqueur Cream of Reggio Calabria, although not having artificial preservatives can be stored for many months in the freezer. It is an excellent liqueur at the end of a meal, which gives a pleasant digestive sensation when tasted. You can use the Cream of Bergamot Liqueur to flavor creams and desserts, perfume the syrup for sponge cake or Baba. Excellent to add to the crushed ice for fast Granite, or to garnish ice cream cups.

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