Candied Bergamot Peels

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we have selected in the Calabrian territory a farm specializing in the cultivation of this particular and precious citrus fruit unique in the world. the bergamot until a few years ago was used exclusively in the 'industry of essences from a few micro agricultural realities make known all the organoleptic properties of' citrus producing excellent products for the 'food and wine. The candied peels of Bergamot of Reggio Calabria are made by hand without any addition of chemical preservatives. The fruit is peeled by hand and the peel is sliced and candied with only sugar, potted and covered with syrup of bergamot itself. This process leaves unaltered the organoleptic properties of the peel that is used in pastry, ice cream or in the preparation of gourmet main courses. You can find the formats available both for individuals and for operators in the field of chefs and pastry chefs by scrolling down the menu.

ingredients: bergamot peel of reggio calabra, sugar, bergamot syrup.

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