Fried Porcini


    Whoever loves the earth knows the secret grace of the wild, a wonderful reserve of food we can know on endless, but at the same time a dark universe to be explored with due caution. Its fruits are not all harmless and can prove lethal. For this reason we have to explore nature carefully, learning about its fruits from a skilled teacher and at first hand. The teaching takes plase out of doors, in the temple land, its relation to the cardinal points of compass, and exposition to the weather. Shown in detail, the objects of knololedge are describe in their secret, innermost nature. Whether they are mysterious herbs or mushrooms, you have to learn about them from hunters, who are proverbial in Calabrian communities as archaic seekers for the jewels of the forest, authentic possessors of the sense of place, the secret key to the generosity of nature. Every fungiaro knows where mushrooms are concealed, knows that every strech of wooland is different, and knows just where to look for given kinds of mushrooms. they aloso know what kind of dish is best suited to each of different kinds. Young Porcini mushrooms, for example, are good for sauces or bottling, while the riper ones are wonderful fried.

    Clean the mushrooms using a sharp knife, removing soil and foreign matter, then rinse them quickly in running water. Cut them into small pieces and briefly blanch them in boiling water. Drain quickly and toss them in the flour with salt and pèepper. Meanwhile warm plenty of oil in a pan and brown them on both sides. Drain in bread wrapping paper and serve warm.

    Ingredients (4 serves):

    1 kg wild porcini mushrooms, rather large and ripe

    200 grammi of plain flour



    extra virgin olive oil for frying

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