Begin with the shells. Mix all the ingredients to obtain a smooth dough and roll into a thin sheet. Use a pastry cutter to obtain rounds and roll them even thinner with the rolling pin. Wrap around the special metal tubes and fry in plenty of extravirgin olive oil for about six minutes, or until brown. Drain excess oil, remove the tubes and leave the shells to cool. For the cream: mix the sheep ricotta and sugar, then sleve the cream and add the small pieces of modican chocolate. When ready to serve, fill the cannoli with the ricotta cream using a sac à poche, decorate both ends with chopped pistachios, or half a cherry or some candied bergamot zest. Sprinkle with confectioner's sugar and cinnamon.

    Ingredients for the shell:

    500 grammi flour

    50 grammi lard

    50 grammi sugar

    200 ml cooked must

    a pinch of salt

    extra virgin olive oil

    Ingredients for the cream cheese:

    500 grammi ricotta

    230 grammi sugar

    50 grammi dark Modican chocolate

    candied cherries and bergamot

    or ground pistachios

    confectioner's sugar

    ground cinnamon

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