Table wine from Calabria 1 L

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    The Calabrian red table wine sees his spread in Italy during the time of the Greeks from the use of grapes Gaglioppo, Trebbiano Toscano or Greco Bianco.
    Since that time the wine is among the most characteristic table products of the Calabria region. A quality table wine has the obligation to satisfy, through its organoleptic properties, all the senses of those who consume it and in this capacity the wine that we propose in the three types red, white and rosé seems to excel without difficulty.
    For example, opening a bottle of red wine, it has a bright ruby red colour with orange reflections, while the aroma is clean and vinous with slight hints of liquorice. However, it is the taste that distinguishes a wine and tasting it is generous and dry with notes of candied fruit. Other pleasant organoleptic sensations can be experienced by opening a bottle of white or rosé. The characteristic 1L bottle with a crown cap reflects what is typical of the manor wine, once made by the landowners for their own use and bottled by hand, at home, in the empty glass bottles of water. The same bottles were corked by hand using the classic iron crown cap, more familiar to the common Italian beer.

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