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Speck Grecanico of Nero di Calabria

Speck Grecanico of Nero di Calabria

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The Calabrian speck is born in Aspromonte at over 1200 m above sea level from the revisiting of an ancient recipe of the Grecanica tradition, enriched through the use of typical flavors of our land, in particular bergamot, rosemary and laurel. The long and slow seasoning enhances the particular taste of the leg of pork reared traditionally and in the wild, making it sweet and aromatic. The meeting between ancient and modern releases in the mouth scents and perceptions that bring back to the Grecanico world. The product is obtained exclusively from black Apulo Calabrese pig, an autochthonous breed that is still carried out with great care and attention in the whole Calabrian territory and neighbouring areas. The black Apulo Calabrese pig speck is really a niche product, a limited number of them are produced every year and often the processors produce it exclusively under order. The seasoning is of at least 6 months in high altitude and the smoking preserves it intact for over 12 months. the organoleptic yield of this finely sliced product is unparalleled and has nothing to envy to the speck or hams produced in other italian regions. the whole speck weighs about 7 kg but you can also buy it in slices as you need it more. all products are delivered under vacuum and as always we advise you to remove them from the same at least 24 hours before slicing. n

INGREDIENTS: Calabrian Apulian pork, salt, natural flavourings and spices. There are no preservatives and the product is naturally gluten-free.

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