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Buffalo Speck

Buffalo Speck

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The buffalo speck is considered another delicacy, produced on a farm in the Campania region with a closed chain where the processed cattle are raised with all due care. buffalo speck is prepared with spices and aromas and is left to rest for a day, then placed in a drying and seasoning cell until it reaches the typical characteristics of this product. rich in iron and proteins, it is a product very suitable for sportsmen and sportswomen, but it is also very appreciated in the restaurant industry and by all those who want to prepare different and unique chopping boards, alternative appetizers, but also pizzas and gourmet sandwiches. the weight of a whole buffalo speck is about 2 kg, but we give you the possibility to choose smaller slices according to the quantity you want to buy. scroll down in the drop-down menu and choose what you want to receive directly to your home. the product is delivered vacuum packed and has a shelf life of 4 months.

Ingredients: buffalo meat; salt; spices and flavourings.

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