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Calabrian Soppressata

Calabrian Soppressata

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The classic soppressata in pieces of about 350 - 400 grams with an average length of about 20 - 30 cm and a diameter of about 4 cm. produced with meat from Italian pigs, the meat of the Calabrian soppressata is cut into large pieces, you add black pepper, fennel grains, spices and natural flavors to obtain the spicy soppressata the 'craftsman adds red pepper flakes and cream of red pepper. The seasoning time is about 4 months and the product as soon as it is ready is hung and lightly smoked during the seasoning. the ready soppressata is delivered in a vacuum and it is recommended to take it out of the vacuum at least 24 hours before eating it. the product is certified gluten-free, available both sweet and spicy, the gut is not edible and is tied by hand with string. from the drop-down menu you can choose the quantity you wish to receive at home and you can also choose between the sweet taste and the one with the addition of red hot pepper flakes from Calabria that together with the cream of pepper added in the dough gives the soppressata a light and pleasant spiciness.

Ingredients: Italian pork, salt, natural flavours and spices.

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