Soppressata Grecanica Calabrese

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    The soppressata grecanica is one of the most famous products of the Calabrian tradition. the soppressata grecanica is made by cutting at the point of a knife a selection of noble parts of hams, shoulders, trimmings of bacon and tender fat, mixed with salt, natural flavors including wild fennel harvested by hand, salt and black pepper. The 'mixture thus obtained is inserted into the natural casing and this tied by hand. hung still fresh soppressate grecaniche are left to mature for at least 3 months and during this period at intervals are regulated smoked in an artisanal way according to secular tradition. in this type of soppressata is present in the cream of red pepper and the finished product is white, may be present instead inside of the flakes of hot peppers from Calabria. I like to point out here how all products traditionally have no preservatives added but as the only natural preservative are slightly smoked using stalks of dried grapes, olive branches, herbs of 'Aspromonte. every single handmade soppressata weighs about 400 g and in this selection you can also choose what kind of meat to buy in fact in the drop-down menu you can find both the soppressata grecanica calabrese produced by white pig and the one produced by black pig Apulo Calabrese raised in the wild more valuable than the first. the duration of the product seasoned and stored under you want is as per law 12 months. I recommend before consuming the soppressata to remove it from the vacuum at least 24 hours before consumption.

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