French Mustard

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    The history of mustard has very ancient origins. In 1550 Dijon became the nerve center of mustard production and the guild of mustard producers was established. Thanks to this guild, in 1634, the mustard producers of Dijon obtained the exclusive rights on the production and marketing of this delicious sauce. Since 1937, the sauce has been protected by laws that regulate its designation of origin and allow us to enjoy this delicacy with a unique taste, today as well as 500 years ago!

    Unique and unmistakable taste of mustard. There are various species of mustard which, according to the types of spices, aromas, herbs and seeds used for their preparation, give origin to more or less intense tastes. The choices available are really many and capable of satisfying every palate, from those who prefer sweeter flavors to those who love a spicier taste. Delicate and classic Dijon mustard is produced from light colored seeds and has a taste only vaguely spicy. Perfect to accompany meats, the ideal matchings of sweet mustard are in fact with sausages, grilled tuna, hamburgers, grilled meat and salads, but it also goes well with cheeses and adds an unmistakable note to sandwiches. It is probably the most famous French mustard among all the existing varieties.

    Besides the best known Dijon mustard, creamy and without whole seeds, there is another important French mustard, Dijon mustard in grains, a mustard produced in the old style and called "moutarde à l'ancienne". Moutarde à l'ancienne is characterized by a rustic and strong taste, as opposed to the others, inside there are whole mustard grains and not only pulverized.

    glass jar 100 gr.

    ingredients: water, mustard seeds, vinegar, salt, sugar, various aromas.

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