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Spicy Calabrian Spianata

Spicy Calabrian Spianata

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The spianata is a very famous sausage in Calabria with a flattened shape, hence the name of spianata. The Calabrian spianata is produced with lean pork meat from the thigh and cut with a knife point mixed with cubes of lard. The dough of the spianata, enriched with hot red pepper, is stuffed into a natural casing and then pressed between two wooden boards. The sausage is then left to mature for at least 4 months before consumption. Typical of Calabria, it is ideal to stuff succulent sandwiches or to garnish tasty pizzas. Produced from Italian pork, certified gluten-free is delivered under vacuum. whole weighs about 1.6 kg. and keeps for about 12 months. the product we also deliver in small slices depending on your needs, from the drop-down menu you can choose the quantity you want to buy and continue in 'purchase.

Ingredients: Calabrian pork, salt, spices, cream of red pepper and chilli pepper.

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