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Sausage Grecanica Calabrese

Sausage Grecanica Calabrese

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The sausage grecanica - u satizzu, is a typical sausage produced in Calabria exclusively in the Ionian area of the region, is produced in micro farms aspromontani over 1000 meters above sea level, from animals bred all 'inside of the farm family or just a little more and a closed chain, the sausage grecanica is seasoned by hand as tradition wants to hang in the cool and is given a natural smoking that flavors, enhances the flavor of the aromas and the meat itself but above all allows the long preservation of the product. This truly niche product is for customers who are careful in choosing what they bring to the table, for connoisseurs looking for a unique Calabrian sausage completely different from the industrialized products that are commonly offered on a large scale and in large retailers. u satizzu is ideal to be proposed on cutting boards sought or to make gourmet dishes such as slow food pizzas and other elements of high level. I recommend it in the bread of ancient wheat sliced thin and slightly heated. from the drop-down menu you can choose the amount you need, the pieces of each Calabrian sausage are about 350 g., you can also choose to buy the product in the shop or in the store. You can also choose whether to buy the product made with white Calabrian pork or the one made with black Calabrian Apulian pork bred in the wild with a stronger and more decisive flavor.

Ingredients: pork, salt, fennel, black pepper, sometimes red pepper flakes. the product is without preservatives.

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