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Salami Napoli Artisan

Salami Napoli Artisan

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Napoli salami is a raw sausage typical of the Campania region made from pork flavored with various ingredients. It has the traditional shape of a cylinder tied with string in 8 segments with a diameter of about 8 cm and a weight of about 1.2 kgThe
outer surface is grayish white, cut the dough is compact and medium-grained, with a clear distinction between the bright red color of lean meat and white fat. The consistency is dry and the flavours and spices are not evident.
The mixture, once amalgamated, is placed in a pork casing which is then tied by hand with string and pierced by hand. Maturation lasts about 60 days.

Ingredients: fresh pork meat (70%), pork belly (30%), salt 2.2% and various flavourings such as cloves, pepper, nutmeg.

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