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Robiola with IPA Beer

Robiola with IPA Beer

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Robiola is a fresh soft Italian cheese originating in the province of Asti, in Piedmont. It is produced with cow's, goat's and sheep's milk, even mixed in varying proportions. The robiola cheese has no rind, the paste is tender, easily spreadable, porous, and snow-white in color. The fresh product is placed in the moulds for up to 48 hours with periodic turning to facilitate the draining of the whey. Dry salting is carried out on both sides of the product. Beer maturation and refining by infiltration is carried out by storing the fresh product in special rooms for at least three days from the time it is placed in the moulds. The beer used is a craft IPA brewed in Lombardy. A whole wheel weighs about 1 kg.

ingredients: cow's milk, rennet, salt, craft beer.

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