Sibari Rice - Carnaroli

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    The cultivation of rice in the Piana di Sibari in Calabria covers an area of more than 600 hectares and is constantly increasing because the planting of rice paddies in this area blends perfectly with the local soil balance. The organoleptic and qualitative qualities stand out among all those cultivated in other areas of Italy because they enjoy the natural and climatic advantages given by the Calabrian territory itself. Thanks to its qualities, Carnaroli is now considered by chefs and risotto lovers to be the King of rices. It remains al dente in the heart, but helps the mantecatura thanks to 'starch content. Carnaroli is a superfine rice; the grain is large and about 7 mm long, with an elongated shape and tapered section, and an evident tooth. The cooking time is about 15 minutes; it is consistent "al dente" and maintains this consistency for a long time. It has a distinct flavour, tending towards sweet, with a consistent and elastic grain even after cooking. It can be used in typical risottos of land and sea, shelled and not very creamy, rice salads. Pack of 1 kg

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