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Seasoned Salted Ricotta

Seasoned Salted Ricotta

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The typical salted ricotta, excellent as a table cheese, but also as an ingredient for first and second courses or to grate on pasta. also available flavoured with chilli and aromatic herbs (specify taste in the order form). weight about 250 g. each.

Ingredients: free-flowing sheep's milk, salt.

Tip: Maltagliati pasta with spinach and salted ricotta cheese Maltagliati pasta with spinach and salted ricotta cheese is a really quick and easy first course, ideal when you have little time to cook but want to prepare something tasty. Maltagliati with spinach and salted ricotta cheese are prepared by seasoning the maltagliati, a typical pasta format of Emilia Romagna, with a delicious sauce of spinach, smoked bacon and grated salted ricotta cheese. Maltagliati with spinach and salted ricotta cheese is a dish that will make even children appreciate spinach.To prepare maltagliati with spinach and salted ricotta cheese, start by making the fresh pasta. Sift the flour into a bowl 1 transfer it to a pastry board, form a fountain and add the semolina make a hole in the center and widen it slightly. Pour an egg in the center and start to mix the flour with the egg using a fork 2. Add the other eggs little by little, continuing to knead 3.Once you have a compact dough, continue to knead it vigorously by hand, pressing it with the palm of your hand 4, then give it a spherical shape and put it to rest for 30 minutes at room temperature in a plastic bag 5. After resting, divide the dough into 3 parts; while you roll out one, keep the others in the bag to prevent them from drying out. Roll out each piece with a rolling pin 6, flouring if necessary with the flour, to form a thin rectangle, you should get a thickness of about 1.5 mm so that lifting the dough you can see the shadow of the palm below. You can also roll it out with the help of a pasta machine, pulling it to the narrowest measure, flouring if necessary with regrinded semolina. Gradually roll out the sheets of dough on a floured pastry board, cover with a clean cotton cloth, and continue rolling out the other pieces, laying them one on top of the other once they are ready, interspersed with a dry cloth. Cut each sheet, into horizontal strips 3 cm wide 7. Then cut them again into 2 cm diagonal strips 8. Place the resulting maltagliati 9 on a lightly floured dry cloth, waiting to be cooked. To prepare the maltagliati with spinach and salted ricotta, start by pouring the oil into a pan, add the chopped shallot and let it wilt over low heat; then add the pancetta and let it brown over a low heat 10. Add the hulled spinach 11 and cover with a lid so that it cooks quickly 12; when it is cooked, add salt. Boil the maltagliati in plenty of salted water 13 and when they are cooked and al dente, drain them and add them to the pan with a little of the cooking water 14: stir-fry, then add pepper and serve. To finish, sprinkle the grated salted ricotta over the dishes.

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