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Aromatic and slightly piquant Ragusano DOP is aromatic and sweet when young and becomes gradually more piquant as it matures. Ragusano DOP is a pasta filata cheese produced with whole, raw cow's milk. The milk is coagulated with lamb and/or kid rennet until the curd is obtained, which is broken after about 60-80 minutes to facilitate the draining of the whey. This is followed by the first cooking with the addition of water at a temperature of 80 ° C, which leads to the formation of grains the size of grains of rice. The dough obtained is purged, then treated with the scotta, liquid resulting from the processing of ricotta, covered with a cloth and left to rest for 85 minutes. Once dried for about 20 hours, the dough is cut into slices, covered with water for a few minutes and then worked to obtain a spherical shape that is then shaped into a parallelepiped shape with a square section. The cheeses are salted in brine and then left to mature in ventilated rooms with an ambient temperature of 14-16°C, tying the cheeses in pairs with thin ropes and placing them on special supports; those destined for longer maturation are coated with olive oil. It is also allowed the eventual smoking of the cheese, only with natural and traditional methods. Ragusano cheese is widely used in the preparation of typical Sicilian dishes. Shape: about 10 kg - 16 kg seasoning: 12 months - 24 months the cheese is delivered without vacuum. available both whole and in slices, choose directly from the drop-down menu the quantity you want.

Ingredients: whole raw cow's milk, from a free-range Modican cow, salt.

Tip: Ragusano skewers To prepare the recipe for Ragusano skewers, sauté a handful of sweet olives and fry them in a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. Cut the Ragusano into slivers, then take toothpicks and pierce two fried olives at a time and add the cheese pieces. Finally, decorate with arugula leaves and a few strips of dried chilli pepper. Put the dish on a small tray and accompany it with some cold cuts and a good aperitif wine. Caciocavallo.

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