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Crudo (Ham)of Nero di Calabria

Crudo (Ham)of Nero di Calabria

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From pigs bred in the wild in the high Aspromonte at over 1200 m above sea level, with a maturation of at least 15 months, flavored with natural herbs and aromas of the area you get this valuable and unique product in Calabria. The black pig ham Apulo Calabrese represents a uniqueness and the number of products available is really limited from season to season. the period of rearing of growth and processing of these pigs is almost twice that of a common pig. the thigh of not more than 8 kg with bone is also available flavored with red pepper. Particular organoleptic properties and high values of omega 3 in the fat, make tasting this meat a special moment. The raw Nero di Calabria is sold whole on the bone and I advise you to lock it in a vice, armed with a very sharp knife and on important evenings to serve it sliced very thin.

Ingredients: Calabrian black Apulian pork, salt, natural flavours and spices.

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