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Pollino Raw Ham

Pollino Raw Ham

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Prosciutto crudo del monte pollino is an exceptional Calabrian product, made from the Italian thigh of a heavy pig reared in the wild, and is aged in Alto Pollino on the Calabrian side. The ham is aged by lightly smoking the thigh and massaging it not only with salt but also with aromatic herbs and spices typical of the production area. the weight of a single thigh without bones is about 10 kg the seasoning is at least 18 months. the product is also available with bone and weighs about 15 kg. and is ideal to be cut with a knife. from the drop-down menu you can choose how you prefer. the product is tasty, ideal for appetizers and to accompany with a good full-bodied red wine such as Cirò.

ingredients: italian pork, salt, natural flavours.

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