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Violino di Capra (Goat Ham)

Violino di Capra (Goat Ham)

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Presidium goat fiddle can only be made using traditional techniques, using animals raised in a semi-wild state in the mountainous areas of Foggia Province and properly fed and slaughtered.
The animals' diet must be natural: only wild herbs and plants from the mountain pastures
, supplemented with yellow flour and bran. Precisely for these reasons, the violin of goat of Puglia is an inimitable, unique sausage, which has nothing to do with the "bonsai" thighs of frozen animals of undeclared origin.
The three producers have signed a production specification that prescribes respect for traditional production techniques and a commitment to source meat from goats raised only locally. Flavoured with red pepper and other natural flavourings.
A violin weighs about 4.5 kg
shelf life 12 months, delivered in a vacuum.

ATTENTION: The price indicated is per whole piece of product.

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