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Hand-Peeled Tomato 580 ml.

Hand-Peeled Tomato 580 ml.

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these tomatoes are grown in calabria in the plain of sybaris area of 'high cosentino overlooking the jonian sea. tomatoes are planted and grown in the open field and the climate particularly mild gives the product a consistency and a particular taste. tomatoes once collected and selected are processed by hand including the' peeling operation. the manual processing allows the tomato itself to maintain all its organoleptic properties. you get a product in jars exactly as tradition dictates that reflects all that are the properties of this vegetable and those conferred by the land on which it was born and grows. a fleshy red pulp, very little water contained within it give a 'high final yield to our tomato. I emphasize that this preserve is devoid of any preserved and pasteurization is traditionally obtained. is ideal as a basic element to obtain fresh sauces, to be diced and sautéed in large pieces, to be used on pizza and for all uses where you need to have a peeled of the highest Italian quality.

ingredients: calabrian tomato, water, salt and basil.

glass jar 580 ml

poured product 400 gr.

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