Cherry Tomato

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    planted, grown in an open vegetable garden and harvested on a farm in Calabria. The cherry tomatoes are small and round, the theft is sweet and juicy with a weight between 15 and 40 grams. in Sicily and Calabria has found its natural habitat thanks to the type of its soil, the mild climate, the constant sunshine throughout the year, its western breezes laden with salt, the particular composition of the brackish water used and the saline waters of the aquifers, all characteristics that give it unique qualities. It contains vitamin C and is rich in mineral salts and lycopene. The cherry tomato is widely used in the kitchen in salads, to prepare the caprese or other tasty dishes. It is also an excellent ally for those who have to follow a diet, in fact this tomato, as the others, contains few calories, purifies, refreshes and can be useful to promote diuresis. in 250 g bag

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