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Poderosa Classico dal 1850 - Extra Virgin Olive Oil 0,50 cl.

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Inside the farm d'Ippolito every year punctually at the beginning of November, from secular olive trees with infittimenti carried out subsequently, with a system of integrated cultivation are collected olives belonging to the cultivar Carolea. The olives are harvested using mechanical shakers and nets, and processed in the company's oil mill within six hours at a controlled temperature that never exceeds 27 degrees centigrade. All this gives rise to the Extra Virgin Olive Poderosa Classic cold extracted stored in steel and left to decant naturally.
OLEIC ACIDITY: 0.26% vol.
PEROXIDES: 3.6 - O2/kg

POLYPHENOLS: 160,5 mg/kg.
Yellow with greenish reflections. Medium fruity of green olives with hints of field grass and artichoke. On the palate there are hints of field grass and artichoke, with an almond finish. Bitterness and pungency are averagely perceptible and persistent.

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