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Piccantino Calabrian style

Piccantino Calabrian style

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A real Viagra of hot peppers! You can't do without the Calabrian hot pepper and this hot pepper is for you, hot enough! Good on frese or on homemade bread, but also on a plate of spaghetti, to accompany a platter of cheese or cold cuts. Try it to believe!

Ingredients: aubergines, pleurotus mushrooms, green and black olives, dried tomatoes, peppers, chilli pepper, garlic, basil, herbs, olive oil.

also available with porcini mushrooms, red onion from tropea IGP, tuna.

100 g jar.

suggestion: ziti spezzati with spicy calabrese sauce: ziti spezzati is a simple and fast dish deriving from the natural inclination my mother and I have to eat spicy food. 200 gr. of ziti, 3/4 spoons of Calabrian bomba, 200 ml of tomato sauce, salt from Trapani, extra virgin olive oil
Heat a pan with a little oil, add the tomato sauce, salt and cook for 5/10 minutes. when the tomato is cooked add the Calabrian piccantino and mix the seasoning. Break up the ziti and cook them in abundant salted water. Drain them al dente and toss them in the pan with the tomato and Calabrian piccantino sauce. Serve the broken ziti on a plate If you want, you can add a little Calabrian spicy sauce on the pasta that has already been served! Accompany with a good red wine.

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