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    The Calabrian chillies fresh or dried in the sun of Calabria united in bunches are typical of the territory of Calabria. The Calabrian chilli is called in different ways, diavolicchio, chili Soverato is one of the varieties of classic Calabrian chillies very loved and appreciated in our kitchen, with a medium-high spiciness. Thanks to the scent and spiciness suitable for the less veterans of spicy, allows you to make even the simplest recipes, tasty and special, particularly suitable for processing in 'oil and makes better than the other as flavor and aroma. The product is raw from June to October in the remaining part of the' year is dry.

    bunch of about 100 g.

    suggestion: hot pepper jelly. 1 / 2 large red peppers, 50 grams of hot peppers, 400 grams of red apples, 500 ml of water, 1 lemon, 150 ml of white wine vinegar, 200 grams of sugar for peppers, 100 grams of sugar for apples. slice the apples with all the peel, put them in a pan
    squeeze over the juice of the lemon, add water and let go on a high flame until it boils.
    We put the lid on, lower the heat to medium and let it go for 20 minutes. In the meantime, we cut half of the peppers into small pieces, we remove the seeds from the chillies and then we weigh them (50g) and cut them into small pieces, add 100 grams of sugar and mix them we turn on the flame to high heat when it boils we do go for another 5 minutes and turn off finished the cooking time of the apples we put them in a sieve and make out all the liquid part of the apples (push with a spoon to squeeze the most) we put the liquid of apples in the pan and add 200 grams of sugar Jelly peppers we mix well the sugar to the liquid part of the apples until it melts and cook for another 15 minutes add the preparation of peppers and chillies mix well when it boils lower the flame let it go for 15/20 minutes transfer the jelly still hot in the sanitized jars close the cap (new) until you do not hear the clik and flip the jars until they are cold.

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