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Pecorino Siciliano PDO

Pecorino Siciliano PDO

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The flavor: spicy and strong
The flavor of Pecorino Siciliano DOP is the result of delicate balances, which depend on the amount of fat in the milk used, the feeding of the sheep, the production period and the different aging time. Pecorino Siciliano PDO, however, has a very strong taste, pleasantly spicy and salty, which increases in intensity with aging. It is perfect both as a table product and for grating.Production: sheep's milk and 18 months of seasoning
Form : 4 kg - 8 kg shelf life: 12 months the product is delivered vacuum packed and also sold in slices, choose the size that interests you in the drop-down menu.

Ingredients: milk of sheep from free Sicilian pasture, salt, natural rennet.

Suggestions: MUSHROOMS STUFFED WITH PECORINO SICILIANO DOP. Mushrooms are the absolute protagonists of the month of October, good to taste in many ways, they can become the perfect condiment for first courses or side dishes to accompany main courses. But mushrooms can also be the protagonists of unique dishes. Today we propose them stuffed with grated Pecorino Siciliano cheese. Here is what you need: Mushrooms, Garlic, Pecorino cheese, Siciliano Dop, Olive oil, Salt and pepper to taste, Lemon, Parsley. Thoroughly clean the mushrooms with the help of a clean and damp cloth, remove the stems and hollow them out a little all 'inside. Leave them aside and take care of the filling. In a saucepan place a clove of garlic with a little water and bring to a boil, cook for about 3 minutes then drain the water. This step will make the garlic more digestible. Crush the garlic clove and add it to the breadcrumbs, grated Pecorino Siciliano DOP, the chopped parsley and the lemon juice. Mix everything together and add salt and pepper to taste. Pour a little oil if necessary.
Take the mushrooms one by one and put a part of the filling inside them, place them on a baking sheet and bake at 180° for about 20 minutes, until a crust has formed. Let rest for 5 minutes and then serve.

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