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Pepito - Sicilian Pecorino with Black Pepper

Pepito - Sicilian Pecorino with Black Pepper

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Clayey and fertile soils, torrid heat in summer and abundant rainfall in autumn and winter, a climate that is never too cold and the incomparable influence of the sea brought down here by the wind, make the hinterland between the provinces of Catania and Enna rich in steep pastures that have always been renowned for their fodder and the breeding of sheep and cows of different breeds such as the "pezzate", the "Modicana" and the "Podolica". From this land, from these fodder and these herds of livestock free to graze comes the famous Sicilian pecorino in the way. this that I propose now has seasoning 6 months and is portioned in traci from about 350 gr.

ingredients: sheep's milk free to graze, rennet, black pepper, salt.

the product is shipped under vacuum.

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