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Eggplant Pate

Eggplant Pate

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The eggplant cream is a preparation that has a very versatile use in the kitchen, you can use it to spread on croutons, as a sauce to accompany meat dishes or to season pasta. Eggplant pesto is very easy to prepare and has an excellent yield, there are countless recipes for preparing it and many variants, including Arabic, Lebanese and the one we have chosen: the Sicilian.

212 ml glass jar.

Ingredients: aubergines, chilli peppers, garlic, parsley, herbs, olive oil.

Tip: Rigatoni with aubergine cream, cut the aubergines in half and grate the flesh. Place them on a baking tray covered with oiled baking paper, flesh side down. Put them in the oven at 200 °C for about 20 minutes; take them out of the oven, turn them over with the flesh upwards and let them cool down. Peel and chop a clove of garlic; chop a tuft of parsley; add the garlic and parsley, a spoonful of pine nuts and a pinch of dried oregano and chop all together again.
Combine this chopped mixture in a pan with 50 g of extra-virgin olive oil; bring to the heat, let the oil sizzle for 4-5 seconds, then mix with the aubergines. Boil the rigatoni, drain them al dente and dress them with the cream. Complete with grana cheese or grated pecorino to taste.

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