Artichoke Pate

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    Artichoke pâté is a very simple preparation that you can use to enrich many dishes in the kitchen. You can use it to flavor a sandwich or to season the crostoni for your aperitif, but it will also be great to embellish a first course or a savory pie! Whatever your choice we are sure that the result will be excellent, the artichoke pate has a unique taste and creaminess that will win all your guests.

    212 ml glass jar.

    Ingredients: artichokes, chillies, parsley, garlic, herbs, olive oil

    tip: Pasta with artichoke pate. Today another artichoke recipe: pasta with artichoke cream... a real treat! Pasta with artichoke cream can be enjoyed simply as it is or combined with other ingredients, such as bacon, for example. Pour the artichoke cream in the pan, cook the pasta, and when it is cooked but al dente, drain it and put it in the pan with the artichoke cream. When cooked, add a handful of grated cheese such as 'excellent Sicilian pecorino also Sicilian pepato, mantecare pasta with artichoke cream. Serve the pasta with artichoke cream with a drizzle of raw oil and maybe some slices of artichoke that you have kept aside.

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