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Capers Pate

Capers Pate

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The capers pate is a kind of cream that is prepared mainly with capers, garlic and herbs. It can be used to flavour bruschetta or to season a nice dish of pasta. Sicilian tradition suggests mixing it with anchovies, almonds and sun-dried tomatoes so it can be used to season a nice dish of pasta.

212 ml jar.

Ingredients: Capers, garlic, herbs, olive oil

Suggestion: Casarecce pasta with caper pâté, cherry tomatoes and oregano. Typical recipe from Pantelleria and Pantelleria cuisine, full of intense summer and Mediterranean scents...160 g of caserecce pasta, 1 spoonful of caper pâté, 1 dried cherry tomato in oil, 1/2 dried chilli pepper, a good pinch of Pantelleria oregano, 5 cherry tomatoes, 1/2 small onion. Mix the drained cherry tomatoes and the crumbled chilli pepper, then add the oregano.
Cut the cherry tomatoes into quarters and 3 minutes before the caserecce are cooked "al dente", let them softly steep in a little oil and the onion, then pour the capers pesto with a generous spoonful of the pasta cooking water and mix. Drain the caserecce and pan-fry briefly. We suggest accompanying this first course with a full-bodied Etna Rosso such as Grappoli di Notte from the Don Saro winery.

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