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Rolled Pancetta Grecanica

Rolled Pancetta Grecanica

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Soft and sweet flavor, pleasant to smell. the bacon rolled calabrese dell 'area jonica grecanica is a rare and unique product. in fact, the characteristics of the typical craftsmanship of Calabria, the cutting of meat from pigs exclusively bred all 'inside of the micro farms gives the finished product a bright red color of meat and a spicy white fat. the bacon grecanica is made to mature as per tradition just and enclosed in a network and is smoked naturally with natural flavors such as olive branches and stems of vines. There are no preservatives. the spices used are only black pepper, sometimes with the addition of red chilli pepper flakes from Calabria and wild fennel from Calabria. the product is also available in black pork Apulo Calabrese. a whole bacon weighs about 2 kg. but from the drop-down menu you can choose the cut in slices that best suits you. you can also choose to taste the white pork or black pork of Calabria reared in the wild in Aspromonte. Both products are excellent, the black pork is richer in omega 3 and has a stronger flavor. the percentage of fat present all 'inside of both products varies from animal to animal ... you choose ... and enjoy your meal.

ingredients: pork, salt, natural flavours.

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