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Oregano in bunches

Oregano in bunches

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is an aromatic plant and it seems that there are more than 50 species, but the most sought after and used in cooking is wild oregano which grows spontaneously under the sun of Calabria. The word oregano derives from the Greek "oros", which means mountain and "ganos" which means splendour. Its meaning, "splendour of the mountain", has been attributed to the plant because of the grace and abundance of its flower heads during the flowering period.
Oregano is very much used in typical Calabrian recipes and it is inevitable
like the Tropea onion on tomato salads which in summer are one of the
most present side dishes on Calabrian tables. In Calabria, oregano is mainly picked in June when the plant is in bloom. The typical Calabrian custom is to dry the oregano after harvesting: after forming beautiful bunches, it is dried upside down in a dry place, protected from the sun and stored in paper bags. Unlike all other aromatic plants, oregano is the only one to reach the maximum of its fragrance only after drying. Abundantly used in aromatherapy, its infusions are an excellent remedy against coughs and digestive disorders. delivered dried in a transparent bag.

bunch about 50 g. of product without wood.

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