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Angry Oil

Angry Oil

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Spicy flavoured olive oil is a very popular preservation on Italian tables, so much so that it is considered an inevitable product of the culinary tradition. This spicy oil can be prepared directly at home and is also called holy oil. Great classic among the condiments of Mediterranean cuisine, the chili oil is a passepartout always useful in the kitchen: to season pasta on the fly, flavor pizza at the last minute, marinate meat and fish. and 'the basis of very simple possibly to enrich at will with garlic and parsley for a first course of excellent spaghetti, garlic, oil and chili pepper. This spicy condiment is really very simple to prepare. Its quality depends largely on the Its quality depends largely on the goodness of the oil used, the choice of an extra virgin olive oil of character, such as those typical of the south by the very strong taste, is perhaps the one that best moves with the chili is essential for the safety of the recipe that they are perfectly dried, this allows you to avoid health risks and mold formation in the preserves. below in the drop-down menu you can choose the type of ready sauce that you prefer. the base is for all the same extra virgin olive oil from Calabria but changes the type and shape of chili used to flavor the 'oil itself .

0,25 cl bottle

Ingredients: extra virgin olive oil and dehydrated chilli pepper

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