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    fresh and just picked are shipped to the customer . these medlars are a product planted, cultivated in open vegetable garden and harvested in Calabrian farm. Medlars are among the first fruits to arrive with spring: they ripen between March and June, depending on the area of Italy. Their diffusion in Europe began towards the end of the 700s, starting from the East, where medlars were widely used in the diet. Medlars consist mainly of water, but also contain small quantities of carbohydrates, fats, proteins and vegetable fibres. One hundred grams of medlars, in terms of their nutritional value, provide the body with only 28 calories. Loquats contain vitamin A, B vitamins and mineral salts. They can be eaten when they are fully ripe or slightly unripe, in which case their taste will be slightly acidic. However, their taste is very sweet once they are fully ripe. A liqueur similar to Nocino is made from medlar seeds. It is the Nespolino. The pulp of ripe loquats is used for the preparation of sweet jams. Medlars can also be used for the homemade preparation of ice creams, milk shakes, sorbets and parfaits. Fresh medlars are an excellent ingredient for making fruit salads and cakes. 500 g. bag approx.

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