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Nduja Grecanica Calabrese

Nduja Grecanica Calabrese

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In Grecanico 'to Pipeddhi and 'to Màtharo with chilli and wild fennel. These are the only two flavors that, combined with at least 70% of ground NERO DI CALABRIA pork, make up the 'nduja of Magna Grecia. Different from the famous nduja of Spilinga, the 'nduja grecanica is enclosed in a natural casing about 10 cm long, naturally smoked. The story goes that in 1700 Giacomo Casanova, on a visit to the bishop Francescantonio Cavalcanti, said he had eaten the best salami of his life, and says that it came from the Ionian part of Calabria. In more recent times, the statistics published following the censuses of the time of Joachim Murat speak of the famous salami from the Grecanica area of Calabria. It is produced from Apulo Calabrian pigs bred in the wild in Aspromonte on a family-run farm.

Excellent for appetizers, pasta sauce or to garnish dishes and gourmet pizzas.

INGREDIENTS: calabrian black pork (at least 70%), calabrian chilli pepper, salt, natural flavourings. no preservatives. naturally smoked.

A piece weighs about 400 g.

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